Module 9: Prototyping (Part 2)

Let’s show you how to prototype in this hands-on session. However, before we dive in, Module 9 follows on from Module 8, so it’s important that you go through it first.

This module is slightly different from the others as it’s a practical demonstration of the process. You get to see how a team of Event Designers work through the Prototyping process under the guidance of Ruud and Roel while using a combination of Digital Tools and carefully facilitated Prototyping agenda.

As you watch this, remember the team we invited to participate are experienced event designers themselves. We did, however, plunge them into the deep end by asking them to prototype for an event they weren’t familiar with before the session.

When doing this with your team, they would have already been on the event design journey until this point and the floodgates will open to allow the creative juice to flow freely.

You will also need to watch at least two supporting videos to understand the context of the event – just follow the instructions in the module.



As we conclude this topic, remember, there are many ways to create prototypes. You don’t have to do them the same way the team did it here (See Module 8). Also, we did this very fast in a single session with only two rounds of ideation. Your session will be a little more intense, with many more iterations.

Each iteration leads to new learning that will bring the final vision of your event into focus. Don’t be afraid to take the leap!