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EDC Trusted Advisor Program

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Welcome to the EDC Trusted Advisor Program, where your journey to becoming the go-to expert in high-stakes events and transformative change in your organisation begins.

Are you ready to step into the role of the trusted advisor your event owner relies on?

Do you aspire to not only enhance your business’s value but also create unparalleled value for your clients?

If so, be ready to elevate. your expertise, amplify your influence and become the Trusted Advisor you’ve always aspired to be.

Designed by Roel Frissen, Ruud Janssen, Dennis Luijer, and Paul Rulkens, the Trusted Advisor Program is your gateway to mastering the art of strategic conversations and impactful decision-making. we unravel the secrets to effective communication and strategic planning, ensuring that your interactions are never left to chance. Each module is meticulously crafted to provide sequential, incremental learning, offering practical techniques that you can seamlessly integrate into your daily practice.

What’s in store for you during this course ?

Module 1: Design to Change

Review each chapter of the groundbreaking book Design to Change with authors: Roel Frissen and Ruud Janssen in the form of a comprehensive lesson where they take a deep dive into the theoretical content and gain further insights with real-life examples of application.  Read or listen to the audiobook contained therein. This module will lay the groundwork for the following modules and you revisit these concepts in different forms.

Module 2: Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Learn the essential concepts and growth strategies of high-performance principles to become a Trusted Advisor. Short lessons are framed by elements of your growth engine and packed with nuggets of wisdom from our Trusted Advisor: Paul Rulkens.

Module 3: Developing your ME Inc Blueprint

With foundational knowledge from modules 1 and 2, become the CEO of your ME Inc and work on the 3-step action plan of Clarity, Focus and Execution to make that happen. Lessons captured from the EDC Mastermind in 2019 presented by Paul Rulkens and coupled with insightful commentary and interactive worksheets with Roel Frissen, Ruud Janssen and Dennis Luijer to promote massive action.

Module 4: Practicing Conversations

Put your knowledge and Action Plan to the test and practice your conversation skills by understanding workplace politics and individuals’ LEAD preferences.


As you implement these strategies of each module, you’ll witness a remarkable transformation in your effectiveness day to day. By mastering the principles of the Trusted Advisor, you’ll achieve twice the impact with half the effort, revolutionizing the way you approach client relationships and business success.

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Design to Change
Module 2: Becoming a Trusted Advisor
Module 3: Creating the Blueprints of your ME Inc.
Module 4: Practicing Conversations using the LEAD Model
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