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Module 8: Prototyping (Part 1)

Experience Journey and Instructional Design is the DNA of the Event Prototype and also the final segments on the Event Canvas.

Ready to learn more about Prototyping?

Now that you have decided on the change in behaviour you want to create, you have to bring all the elements together and craft your event narrative. You should end up with a few stories to spare if you do it right. You are standing on the brink of crafting the final chapter of the event design process.

Module 8 explains what Experience Journey and Instructional Design is. We also look at prototyping, share some tips and show you a few examples of how other Event Designers approached it.

An ‘event prototype’ is essentially the combination and interplay of Experience Journey and Instructional Design. Your deep understanding of the nuances of the event and the stakeholders in conjunction with an Idea Quarantine bulging with potential tactical ideas should allow you to prototype the orchestration of your event.

It’s an exciting step, but many new event designers find it the most daunting. Prototypes are the “Crash-test-dummies” of design. Don’t worry if they get destroyed or pulled apart by your team or the event owner. Like their automotive counterparts, it during this phase that you learn what is needed to makes sure the final product delivers on what you want to achieve.

With prototyping, you can’t “Do” anything wrong, as long as you keep “Doing”. Trust the process.

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