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Module 3: Stakeholder Alignment

We develop meetings and events to have an impact on someone, right? We call them stakeholders. You need at least two stakeholders to design an event. In this module, we will review two methods to identify, analyze, and define your stakeholders.

Stakeholder Alignment


Considering that, by definition, there is more than one person at an event, there is also more than one perspective. Every Stakeholder comes with their own story, background, and expectations. The essence of the Event Canvas is to thoroughly analyze each Stakeholder’s perspective, whether it be that of a vendor, a participant, a keynote speaker. The Event Canvas charts the process of identifying multiple Stakeholders.

Key Questions we cover in this module
  • What is the definition of a ‘Stakeholder’
  • How does the number of Stakeholders I choose, impacts my ‘Design’ Time?
  • How do I select my key stakeholders?
  • How do I navigate complex stakeholder environments?
  • How many stakeholders should I include in my event design process?
  • How do I deal with a large number of complex Stakeholders?
  • Did you see Loriann ‘s example of designing the Celebration of a Life event? How was that for a Stakeholder challenge? We’re sure you have some excellent stories too. Care to share?
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