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Design Consultant Engagement $21.317,42 Excl. applicable VAT
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Design Consultant Engagement

$21.317,42 Excl. applicable VAT

We will facilitate your team through the process of Event Design using the Event Canvas methodology. We will spend time with your team to consciously design, your team will be more aligned than ever about your event or the event portfolio and the team will be able to express the value the event creates and tell the event story in 60 seconds.


Our team of Event Design consultants will guide your team through the process of Event Design. We will start with a broader perspective; to design the future one must be able to understand the past. Then we define the project, is it next year’s edition or do we dare to design for the edition a few years from now in order to gain a better perspective? We align the team around stakeholders we wish to design for using the Stakeholder Alignment Canvas and then we will use the Event Canvas to understand how the event creates value for each different stakeholder. This then leads to a summary that clearly outlines the change of behaviour for each stakeholder in an Event Delta. From there we are ready to create prototypes that will ultimately result in a design. The entire process of several consecutive design sprints will be fully documented.

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