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2023 version Digital English Card Deck update for the EVENT DESIGN FACILITATION KIT ℠

$23,91 Excl. applicable VAT

You can now update your Event Design Facilitation Kit, that you previously purchased, with the latest 2023 version. This new version includes ten additional cards that focus on Stakeholder Alignment, Event Delta, and Prototyping.


This item: 2023 version Digital English Card Deck update for the EVENT DESIGN FACILITATION KIT ℠
$23,91 Excl. applicable VAT
$23,91 Excl. applicable VAT
1 × English - Pack of all canvasses
This is a set of 5 large PDF files (Stakeholder Alignment Canvas, Empathy Map, Event CanvasTM, Event Delta Canvas and Prototyping Arena).
$22,32 Excl. applicable VAT
Including e-book and audiobook.
$27,00 Excl. applicable VAT
1 × Design to Change
DESIGN to CHANGE – Elevating your abilities to look & act beyond the now. Purchase the hard copy book and get instant access to a eBook in pdf format and the audiobook, narration by Anthony Vade.
$35,68 Excl. applicable VAT
1 × Drawing Out Change
This book comes with a yellow Pentel Sign pen and an online course on how to color in the book; two coloring sessions with Dennis Luijer, creator of this book. So after purchase, the book will be shipped to you and you will get access to videos on the Instructional Path and the Experience side. Dennis Luijer will take you through the book from two angles and explains how you can use the yellow Pentel Sign pen (included) to make the book unique and explain Event Design using the Event Canvas methodology to your colleagues, clients, or students.
$15,81 Excl. applicable VAT
This roadmap enables you to explain Design Thinking and the process of Event Design using the Event Canvas methodology.
$8,98 Excl. applicable VAT

This product is specifically for those who purchased an Event Design Facilitation Kit℠ (English version) in the past years. We have updated the kit and for you we have created an update pack. This set of cards is an addition to the Facilitation Cards you already have. These will complete in the 2018 and 2019 editions you already have in your possession.

The cards highlight 2 areas that were not that specifically addressed in our last editions and are about Stakeholder Alignment and the Event Delta.

These cards do literally fit in this Wire-O book and either replace former pages or form an addition.

This update Event Design Facilitation Kit℠ includes:

  • 10 Facilitation Cards
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