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$32,42 Excl. applicable VAT

Including e-book and audiobook.

$32,42 Excl. applicable VAT
$32,42 Excl. applicable VAT
1 × English - Pack of all canvasses
This is a set of 5 large PDF files (Stakeholder Alignment Canvas, Empathy Map, Event CanvasTM, Event Delta Canvas and Prototyping Arena).
$22,77 Excl. applicable VAT
1 × Design to Change
DESIGN to CHANGE – Elevating your abilities to look & act beyond the now. Purchase the hard copy book and get instant access to a eBook in pdf format and the audiobook, narration by Anthony Vade.
$36,41 Excl. applicable VAT
A practical kit that enables you to simulate events. The Event Design Facilitation Kit℠ will enable you, as a team to go through the event design process using the #EventCanvas. Design events consciously and systematically in this easy-to-follow process as a team. With the Event Design Facilitation kit℠ you have all the tools necessary to start designing.

In stock

$207,32 Excl. applicable VAT
1 × Digital Event Design Facilitation Kit ℠
Design events consciously and systematically in this easy to follow process as a team. These documents are password protected. The password is the email you use for your purchase.
$207,32 Excl. applicable VAT
1 × Drawing Out Change
This book comes with a yellow Pentel Sign pen and an online course on how to color in the book; two coloring sessions with Dennis Luijer, creator of this book. So after purchase, the book will be shipped to you and you will get access to videos on the Instructional Path and the Experience side. Dennis Luijer will take you through the book from two angles and explains how you can use the yellow Pentel Sign pen (included) to make the book unique and explain Event Design using the Event Canvas methodology to your colleagues, clients, or students.
$16,12 Excl. applicable VAT
This roadmap enables you to explain Design Thinking and the process of Event Design using the Event Canvas methodology.
$9,17 Excl. applicable VAT

This handbook will change the way you think about how events change the world you live in. It shows the way to re-design your world on one sheet of paper using the #EventCanvas. This book identifies the starting point of any event and outlines the steps of how events come to life. It focuses on the DNA of specific aspects of events and provides insight into how to observe and analyze events, understand stakeholders, and define behavioral changes required to deliver value. It also identifies the levers and mechanisms that influence such behavioral changes in event design. This handbook lays the foundation for creating a common language. A language that can be spoken and understood by those who know and those who don’t yet know the mechanics of events. It is a pragmatic approach to designing and creating events that matter.

Including e-book, available in Your Downloads and including audiobook available under My Courses after purchase.
    • Paperback
    • 202 pages
    • 21 x 21 cm
    • ISBN 978 90 6369 434 0
Weight 628 g
Dimensions 32 × 23 × 2 cm

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