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This visual handbook demonstrates you the why, how, and what of event design with real world application and case studies that exhibit effective event design. It will change the way you think about how events change the world you live in.

Design to Change


– Elevating your abilities to look & act beyond the now.

Purchase the hard copy book and get instant access to a eBook in pdf format and the audiobook, narration by Anthony Vade.

Drawing Out Change

This book comes with a yellow Pentel Sign pen and an online course on how to color in the book; two coloring sessions with Dennis Luijer, creator of this book. So after purchase, the book will be shipped to you and you will get access to videos on the Instructional Path and the Experience side. Dennis Luijer will take you through the book from two angles and explains how you can use the yellow Pentel Sign pen (included) to make the book unique and explain Event Design using the Event Canvas methodology to your colleagues, clients, or students.

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