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EDC Level 3 Onsite

Dear CED candidate,

Welcome to the EDC Level 3 program.

Delighted you will be joining us. This is going to be an exciting learning experience together and we are keen to get you started.

To stay in touch in the next weeks and months we have created a special Whatsapp group for your cohort to which you will be invited.


Below a snippet of the questions, we typically ask participants to consider prior to the first official day of the program. You have some time to think about this and we ask you to please prepare your answers for the introduction session on the first day :

  1. What you are working on these days? (Briefly describe your current job or projects)
  2. Why have you decided to join the EDC program? (Please be brief and informative)
  3. After obtaining your CED- Certified Event Designer designation, what would be your ideal outcome one year from today? (In an ideal world, when I am a CED-Certified Event Designer I will have achieved ____)
  4. What Event Design Project would you like to work on for your EDC project? (please prepare a 1-minute pitch of the project you would like to propose design we design in this EDC Level 3 cohort.)
  5. Is there anything else we should know about your coming to the EDC program?
  6. (Optional yet very recommendable) We would be delighted if you would create your “Experience Journey” to EDC for this program. We leave it up to you (and your creative mind) to present that in an original way to your fellow participants.


We have created your cohort’s Mural with the program outline as well your fellow participants, coaches and trainer’s LinkedIn profiles to which you will be getting access prior to starting the class.

More details will be shared in the “Welcome Get to Know You Session” and please let us have any questions then.


Choose an attire that makes you comfortable to design. Wear comfortable shoes, as we have to think on our feet when we design. More details will be shared in the “Welcome Get to Know You Session” and please let us have any questions then, or in the WhatsApp Cohort Instant Messaging app so everyone can learn from each other’s questions and answers.

Suggested Pre-reading

If you haven’t already gotten your hands on a copy of the Event Design Handbook you can get started reading the first 100 pages for free!



Trust the team, trust the process. This is going to be good. How good? We never know ahead of time, as you will be bringing the project we will design together. But trust us, this is always a true heroes journey experience for everyone of you.

POST COHORT COACHING DATES (will be confirmed with a calendar invite to all cohort participants):

+ 1 Week – First coaching call

+ 3 Months – Second coaching call

+ 6 Months – Third coaching call

+ 6 Months + 1 week = Final Project submission date

+ 7 Months – Graduation Ceremony for new CED’ers.

Once you’re ready to submit your project (especially if it’s earlier than the official submission date), make sure to submit your EDC Event Design project through this form here.


Here you will find some pointers on how to make the most of your attendance: EDC How to Attend

Please let us know if you have any questions by clicking on your coach or trainer’s name below, don’t hesitate to call us if you have any queries.

We can’t wait to see you,

Your  EDC Level 3 Trainers,


Roel Frissen (mobile = +31 655192323) & Ruud Janssen (mobile = +41792910623 )

Devon Pasha & Gerrit Jessen and Ingrid Rip


The EDC Level 3 Program is brought to you by:

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