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Since 2014 and with the generous support of Meeting Professionals International and Caesars Entertainment the Event Design Collective has seen wide spread growth and adoption of Event Design using the EventCanvas Methodology in the United States. Many Event Owners and Planners are discovering the power of a defined, purposeful design methodology and mindset. The entire industry is navigating a new landscape with Digital First thinking forcing many to readdress the why and how events create value. We look forward to welcoming more #Eventprofs and #Meetingprofs in 2021. Will you become an "Event Industry Design Power Player" in 2021?


Born and raised in Australia, Anthony now calls Toronto, Canada home. Proudly known as an instigator, creator and change agent, for over 20 years he has helped event stakeholders create meaningful and memorable connections with attendees. He has worked with the largest audiovisual, event tech and event production companies in the industry.  Designing and executing large scale conferences, corporate and entertainment events in virtual, hybrid and live scenarios. Anthony is a true innovator; he loves to push the bar possibility bar and bravely challenges the status quo. Actively reinventing and redefining collaboration, cocreation, and experience design in the live events world. His team-based approach embraces and encourages an elevated way of thinking. Grounded by human-centric design methodologies and a zealous focus on outcome-focused idea generation. Building on this focus he is proud to be the Canadian Director of the Event Design Collective, helping train the industry on the EventCanvas Design Methodology.  Helping #Eventprofs create impactful event experiences with intention and purpose while maximizing their return on investment. Anthony’s consultative and collaborative approach to customer engagement has resulted in thousands of successful events traversing four continents. He has contributed to many award-winning productions, received many accolades for his involvement with industry associations on a local, national and global level. He is recognized throughout the industry for his advocacy and in 2020 was named one of the top event professionals in Canada by BizBash magazine. He is the EDCO’s Director in the United States and also Canada.


The #EventCanvas method is designed for innovative thinking event planners who want a hands-on approach to understanding, designing and delivering effective events to generate real value for all involved stakeholders.

Here's a quick preview of how the Event Canvas works

You know Events can create a profound change, but have no tool to prove it? Involving the most important decision-makers in the development of your events and reconciling their various goals is often difficult for you? Do you have enough of page-long briefings and would like to have a one-sider whom everyone can read and understand? Are you a professional in the implementation, but would like to know more about the strategic direction of events? Do you think that everyone wants to be innovative, but only a few know how it works? Would you like to master a practical event design process? You wish to be able to actively shape and control the results of your events? Are you interested in how to focus on the actual value of events while reducing their complexity? If any of these questions or statements cause you to think or apply, then you are ready for the #EventCanvas.


The #Event Canvas is a visual chart that lets you customize your next event. You guide your team through the design process and work together to create the added value of the event for the participants. You can strategically use the method in the future, or simply plan your conferences or events more consciously. They analyze the involved stakeholders in a team and then design different event prototypes with #EventCanvas. With the visual language of the #Event Canvas, you can then clearly describe the event on one page.


With the #EventCanvas, companies and associations can clearly identify possible target conflicts of their events in advance and thus optimize their marketing activities in the area of LiveCom. The focus is on the desired change of thinking and acting of the involved stakeholders and how the event effects these changes.

change of behaviour event canvas

The Event Design Collective

The EDC is a collective of enthusiastic certified event designers. We have a common mission to enable teams and organizations to systematically design innovative events with the Event Canvas TM. Offices are located in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Finland, France and Italy. Outside Europe: Canada, USA, Brazil, Mexico and Russia

. Internationally, we work for the International Olympic Committee, the United Nations, the Internet Society, scientific associations such as AO Spine. Within these organizations it is directors, product managers, program managers, marketeers and event managers who use our services. They are all people who want a practical approach to understand, design and deliver events that matter.

Event Design Certificate Programs in English

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