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EVENT DESIGN CARE NOT FOR PROFIT (Non-Commercial User – 1 year)

$583,59 Excl. applicable VAT / year

Become a registered Non Profit User

for licensed use of the Event Canvas beyond the Creative Commons license, get access to additional support and online tools.

Minimum term 12 months






Candidates must be a Certified Event Designer (CED)
Mastermind level training preferred.




Set yourself up for success with Event Design using the Event Canvas™️ Methodology. 

Your Event Design Care package includes tools and support to help you design change with confidence.

Ready to start using the Event Canvas and design together with colleagues, clients and key stakeholders?

Care Package Includes: 

  • Not for Profit Non-Commercial Use of the Event Canvas™️ tools 
  • Access to Event Design using the Event Canvas™️ Methodology digital tools.
    • Digital Canvases approved for use by your organisation.
    • Access to Digital Design Studio Tool and Templates (duration of agreement)
    • Digital Event Design Facilitation Kit
    • Mention on Event Design Collective webpage
  • Access to Online Training Platform (10 training modules)
  • Affiliate Code for EDCo Tool Store (store credits can be used for payment towards store items)
  • Pre Registration of Event Design Certificate Mastermind Program at a preferred price.


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