Exercise 1

Yeah, yeah. No, I don’t want that. Just, just, just do as I say. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, got it? Yeah, bye. Come on in, come on in. No, no, don’t, don’t sit down, we’re not going to be that long. Now, uh, I’ve got to design, uh, sorry, we’ve got to design an event for, I don’t know where, it’s March next year, first, first quarter.

Don’t ask me about the dates. I just don’t, I just don’t know yet. First quarter of March next year, 135 or so salespeople. It might not be 135 depending on how many we sack between then and now. No, that’s just, that’s just my, that’s just my joke. Um, but I don’t know about the numbers. Budget is always an issue.

But what I really don’t want is I don’t want one of these events where you tie me up to other people. or put me in a ball and roll me downhill. So, can you come up with a design for me? And, uh, I want that as soon as possible, latest, two days time.